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December 2022 (Volume 17, Issue 12)

Hi Paddocks Press fan, 

Graham's year-end review 2022

I start my annual review with our BIG NEWS! Paddocks is launching a new course in early 2023: The Advanced Sectional Title Financial Management Masterclass, designed to give managing agents, trustees, sectional title property investors and developers all the information they need to RULE their body corporates.

Here’s the review, in short. We have had a great year. Jennifer has taken over Paddocks Club and the new course has been our first joint project. I also worked with Prof. CG van der Merwe to produce a series of eBooks commenting on CSOS orders.

Attached is an article by Jennifer, “Who pays for that pipe?” and one by me, “CSOS ordered to redo an adjudication and use its investigative powers”, our last offerings for 2022.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

In The Advanced Sectional Title Financial Management Masterclass we have gathered all the law that applies to financial sectional title scheme management, including the relevant High Court and CSOS cases and leading academic and professional writings. In other words, students will get a “Paddocks Braindump” that prepares them to take financial decisions and give advice with real confidence, as well as to represent themselves or their clients in disputes. Learn what you need to write a CSOS application that gives the adjudicator all the authorities that support your position and makes it easy for the overworked adjudicator to write a fully reasoned, secure award in your favour.

The course has been hand-crafted by Professor Graham Paddock (the lead consultant and drafter of the STSMA and CSOS Acts) and Jennifer Paddock, a dual qualified specialist ST attorney. It starts in April 2023 and runs for just 3 weeks. It is presented entirely online and is tailored specifically for the busy working professional.

We have limited our first intake to 20 people, to ensure that participants have an opportunity to engage fully in the live coaching calls. JOIN THE WAITLIST NOW to get details of the Early Bird special offer. Simply fill in your details on the course interest form, below:

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In this month's edition:

  • CSOS ordered to redo an adjudication and use its investigative powers - By Graham Paddock
  • Who pays for that pipe? - By Jennifer Paddock
Kind regards,
Paddocks Team

NEXT EDITION: Wednesday, 25 January 2023

CSOS ordered to redo an adjudication and use its investigative powers
By Graham Paddock

Graham discusses a recent High Court case, where a CSOS order was reviewed because the CSOS adjudicator did not take into account the evidence placed before them.
Who pays for that pipe? A guide to body corporate and owner responsibility in sectional title schemes
By Jennifer Paddock

Jennifer provides an in-depth explanation to assist bodies corporate, their members and managing agents to determine who is responsible to pay for repairs to a particular pipe.

Join us for one of our University of Cape Town short courses, presented online throughout South Africa.

UCT Short courses Please contact for more information.

Club questions and answers

With all the interesting questions on the Club, we decided to share the following two with you:

1. Can permanent residents use the scheme's visitor's parking?

2. Informally creating extra parking bays via PMR 29 (2)

Graham and the team are available to answer Community members' questions on the Club discussion forum. Get your questions answered by joining the Club today.

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